Troubleshooting | MP Install > Locked out of the Application in "Offline" mode

Learn how to gain access to the MP Install in offline mode when locked out.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series N/A
Software MP Install 1.1.11030


Locked out of the Application in "Offline" mode when in MP Install.


Working offline on a configuration and saving a password other than “Admin” and Closing out of the App. When launching the App, it prompts for a password. You will be locked out if you do not enter the previously saved password.

Solution | Workaround

Do you have access to an MP-M?




  1. Connect the affected computer that is locked out of MP Install to an MP-M.
    1. Preferably connect as a directly wired Ethernet connection between the mixer and the computer as this will minimize all the different network variables. 
    2. Refer to the MP-M Network Troubleshooting Guide for further details.
  2. Launch MP Install.
  3. Select the mixer from the discovered list within the "Resolve" button.
  4. Enter password for the mixer.
    1. If unknown and "Admin" is no longer the password on the mixer.
    2. Reset the password using the pin-hole reset method.
  5. Save the Configuration on the MP-M with the “Default” passwords.
  6. Save the same Configuration to the App Storage Directory on the local computer.
  7. Close MP Install.
  8. Remove MP-M from the network.
  9. Launch MP install.
  10. Enter Default Password.
  11. The user can now work offline.

This will lead you through using an existing MP Install configuration with Default PW.

  1. Move any configuration that has the Default password assigned OUT of the App Storage Directory.
    1. Move both the Install and Header files from the App Directory.
    2. User can also transfer an Install file from a different computer to the computer having the issue.
  2. Double-Click on the Install file in the new location.
  3. The computer will state that the Install configuration file has been imported successfully. 
  4. Click OK to exit out.
  5. MP Install window will open.
  6. Click “Resolve”.
  7. Select “Offline”.
  8. Enter Default PW in the Login text box.
  9. Press enter.
  10. The text in the navigation tabs on the right side of the screen will go from grey to white indicating you are logged in.
  11. The user can now work offline.