Tip | Testing for general GPIO input issues

This article provides tips for troubleshooting common issues related to GPIO input.

Updated at June 9th, 2023


To troubleshoot GPIO input issues, you need a digital multimeter with test leads.

  1. Ensure that the GPIO input type is correct for your application and set accordingly in Q-SYS Designer Software.
  2. Verify that the GPIO source is wired to the correct pins on the GPIO input ports on the device. See the GPIO data in the help file for the correct connections for your Core or peripheral.
  3. With the GPIO component open in Designer and while connected to the running Core, disconnect the connector and short the correct leads on the GPIO input port. Verify that the state of the GPIO port is changing when the pins are shorted or open.
  4. Once the GPIO ports are verified working correctly, test the GPIO switches and pots with a multimeter to make sure they are showing the correct resistance values or open and closed to match the switching.