Tip | General Bluetooth troubleshooting for Attero Tech devices

Learn how to troubleshoot common Bluetooth connection issues with Attero Tech devices.

Updated at May 11th, 2023

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The following information is useful if you are running into some troubles in a general Bluetooth system.

Device fails to pair with Attero Tech unit

In cases where the Attero Tech unit is used in a high user volume installation, a previously paired device may not pair after several other users have also paired with the wallplate. This is due to the memory of the Bluetooth module clearing older devices from memory to allow others to connect. To correct the issue, Forget the Attero Tech unit from the user device and restart the pairing process.


Device is paired, but not passing audio

While most user devices have the ability to automatically switch to the connected Bluetooth unit, sometimes the device operating system does not complete the process. If attempting playback and there is either no output or the output still plays from the device, check that the application or operating system has the connected Attero Tech unit selected as the audio output.