Tip | Connecting Q-SYS devices to a Crestron Control Subnet

Learn how to use Q-SYS Designer Software to configure connections between Q-SYS devices and Crestron Control Subnet for integrated audio and control operations.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


When connecting Q-SYS devices to a network, the Q-SYS Help can be a valuable technical reference:

When connecting Q-SYS devices to Crestron Control Subnets, some customers have reported performance issues, including network instability and loss of Crestron processor function. Some customers have reported better performance by limiting the multicast traffic received by the Crestron Control Subnet router by disabling IGMP Proxy on the Crestron Control Subnet router. Instructions for accessing the IGMP Proxy setting in Crestron Toolbox has been provided by Crestron and can be found here.