Tip | Finding Core IP/MAC Address Using Q-SYS Designer/Core Manager

Updated at February 2nd, 2023


Some applications may require the need to access the Q-SYS Core IP and/or MAC address when the current network is unable to detect, or if the hardware is not physically accessible (or a model without a display). In these situations, Q-SYS Designer and Core Manager can be used to retrieve this information. 

  1. Directly connect your PC to Lan A or B on the Core using a standard Cat5e/6 cable
  2. Open Q-Sys Designer Software.
  3. Once QDS is open navigate to Tools > Show Configurator
  4. When Configurator is open, check to see that your core is listed in the left window panel.


If you do not see your core, make sure the PC and core are in the same IP range. If you're not sure, try a factory reset of the core and set your PC NIC adapter to Obtain IP automatically.

  1. The IP address should be list in the main Configurator. window. Either click on the link in the window or open a browser and type in the IP address to enter Core Manager.
  2. Once the Core Manager web page is open, from the left navigation pane, under Core Management,  click the Network drop-down, then "Basic".

Core Manager

  1. The page will populate the Network/IP information for all connected ports on the Core. The MAC address will be listed under the active LAN port information.
Follow these steps for any other port on the device if not already connected to a network or PC.