Tip | Avoiding Global Snapshots

Updated at August 9th, 2023


What are Global Snapshots?

The Global snapshot bank contains all of the read/write controls in your design. It consists of the Global snapshot bank and the Snapshot Controller Global component. You cannot add individual controls or components to the Global Snapshot Bank, unlike user-defined snapshot banks.

The Global snapshot bank is automatically saved 30 seconds after a change to any read/write control in the design. (Read-only controls are excluded from the Global snapshot bank and therefore do not trigger an auto-save.)

Why avoid Global Snapshots?

Typically, Global Snapshots are utilized in ways they should not. This results in overwriting of scripted components and/or resetting of controls that are not intended to be changed. Therefore, use of Global Snapshots should be used sparingly, if at all.

In majority of use-cases, User-Defined Snapshot banks only targeting the desired controls should be used. 

Specific to Scripted Components

Only target needed controls and NOT the entire component.