Awareness | Enabling Microsoft Teams Rooms with Q-SYS

This article explores how to integrate Q-SYS with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Updated at June 4th, 2024



Physical Components

  • Windows or Android Based Microsoft Teams Room Compute and Controller
  • Q-SYS Core processor connected to the same network as the Microsoft Teams Room Compute and Controller device.

Software Components

  • Q-SYS Designer Software v9.0.0 or higher
  • Q-SYS Software Feature License for Microsoft Teams Rooms
    • The Q-SYS Software Feature License for Microsoft Teams Rooms is a single SKU that enables two software features on the Q-SYS Core processor:
      • Q-SYS Scripting Engine
      • Q-SYS UCI Deployment
  • Q-SYS Control for Microsoft Teams Rooms
    • Q-SYS Control for MTR is an application, installed on the Microsoft Teams Room compute via .exe installer, that allows the Teams Room console to display any Q-SYS UCI deployed on the Core – typically for room control. An icon appears on the Teams Room touch panel to switch over to Room Control mode to view the Q-SYS UCI. You can then switch back to the native Teams Room console display when ready.
    • The Q-SYS Control for MTR .exe installer is included with the Q-SYS Designer Software download and also available separately from the Q-SYS Software and Firmware website


Q-SYS Control for MTR is only available on Windows based Microsoft Teams Rooms for enabling second page controls. Microsoft does not support second page controls natively on Android based MTR at this time.


The following help articles cover a variety of topics related to Microsoft Teams Rooms configuration with Q-SYS hardware and software. For setup, configuration, and additional documentation please refer to the links below

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