How To | Setting up Port Mirroring on an M4250 Switch

Learn how to configure port mirroring on a Netgear M4250 switch to monitor network traffic.

Updated at September 19th, 2023


Sometimes it may be necessary to mirror a network port to monitor traffic via Wireshark. The steps below cover set up for the Netgear M4250.

Configuring Port Mirror on the Netgear M4250 using its browser-based AV UI:

  1. Log on to the M4250 via it's 'AV UI Login'.
  2. Expand the 'Diagnostics' drop down in the left pane and select 'Port Mirroring'. 
  3. Enable 'Port Mirroring' by clicking the slider. 
  4. Select the source switch port that is connected to the Dante device that you want to mirror. 
  5. Select the destination switch port that connects to the Ethernet interface on the PC used for Wireshark. 
    1. Note: The port mirror destination port should not be a member of any active 'Network Profiles'. 
  6. Click the 'Apply' button. 

Once complete, open Wireshark on the computer attached to the mirrored port and start a Packet Capture.

Further information can be found on the Netgear website.