How To | Add, use, and remove markers in the Timeline component

Learn how to use markers in the Timeline component to manage and organize data.

Updated at May 2nd, 2023


Add Markers

  1. Add the Timeline component to the design and deploy. To configure Timeline, the design must be running on the Core.
  2. In the Timeline component control panel, double-click in the "Markers" track area. 
  3. Single click on newly created marker to open the marker properties.
  4. There are 4 properties that can be changed:
    • Name
    • Color
    • Time (where marker sits in the timeline by HH:MM:SS.FF)
    • Function (For Function definitions, see below)

Timeline executes the intended marker function when the play-head reaches the time entered in to the marker properties.


Marker Functions

These functions have been tested in QDS 9.1.2, 9.2.1 and 9.3.0.

  • Jump - Jump to another marker in the Timeline
  • Pause - Pause playback
  • Load Snapshot - Load Snapshot from the design. Parameters are Name,Index(load n,) and Ramp Time
  • Set Control - Set a control from the Named Controls list. For example, if a Gain knob is in the Named Controls list is named "gain", simply select that control by name and set the gain value to desired gain (-10 for example).

Remove Markers

To remove a marker, simply drag the marker out of the "Marker" track area.