How To | Pulling RTSP streams from PTZ-IP Series cameras using QDS 9.3.0 and above

Learn how to use QDS 9.3.0 and above to pull RTSP streams from PTZ-IP Series cameras.

Updated at January 16th, 2024


Q-SYS PTZ-IP Series cameras support RTSP multicast streaming. The Preview Stream is configurable and is disabled by default.

To enable the Preview Stream, use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to either the camera's Status/Control component or USB Video Bridge component and select the Mediacast Streams tab.
  2. Use the "Enable" toggle button to enable the Preview Stream.
  3. Once enabled, the Preview Stream can be accessed using the following URL:


This RTSP URL does not apply to NC Series cameras.


The Preview Stream is a lower resolution (360p maximum) H.264 stream that can be viewed by third-party applications and hardware decoders.


The Mediacast Stream is a high-resolution H.264-only stream for output to Q-SYS USB Bridging devices for playback on a USB host device, such as a PC with conference software. The Mediacast Stream is not available for streaming to third-party applications and hardware decoders.