Troubleshooting | Issues using Zip4 plug-ins

Learn practical solutions to fix issues when using Zip4 plug-ins.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

Affected Products

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Software Zip4 plug-ins


You may experience issues using Zip4 plug-ins.


The most common issue when running on or more Zip4 plug-ins is not configuring the station ID.

Solution | Workaround

To associate a device with the PA Router, you wire the device to one of the the PA Rotuer PageStation Control pins. The Zip4 plug-in is no different except the plug-in doesn't have a PageStation control output pin that you can wire to the PA Rotuer component. Instead, the plug-in has a "station ID" field which tells the plug-in which PageStation input pin on the PA Router its associated with (the PageStation pins are numbered from pin 1 at the top going down). 

By default, the station ID is set to "1" but that may not be the place where the plug-in needs to be connected to, Further problems arise when using multiple plug-ins which will all default to a station ID of "1" and thus if connected and run, will be exchanging data with the PA Router that may or may not be meant for each instance which causes problems. 

Is therefore important to ensure the station ID field is set correctly. The station ID should match the station number that the audio from the Zip4 is attached to on the PA Router. This should result in the ID of each plug-in having a different value to any other Zip4 plug-in the design is using.

For example, if the audio for a Zip4 is attached to the station 2 audio pin, the station Id of the plug-in that controls that Zip4 should be set to 2 also.

Once set, the ZIP plug-in should operate correctly.