Troubleshooting | CDN64 Dante Card shows continuous "Initializing" status in Designer and "failsafe mode" in Dante Controller

Find out how to resolve the issue of a CDN64 Dante Card continually showing an Initializing status in Designer and failsafe mode in Dante Controller.

Updated at May 2nd, 2023

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Table of Contents

Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series CDN64
Software Q-SYS Designer, Dante Controller


CDN64 card's status in Q-SYS Designer Software is stuck in "Initializing" and Dante Controller shows it in "failsafe mode".


The Dante firmware on the card is corrupted. A Dante device that is in failsafe mode also appears with its default device name in red in the default network view of Dante Controller.

Solution | Workaround

You can recover the device by using the Dante Firmware Update Manager "Failsafe Recovery" option:

  1. Ensure that the computer running Dante Firmware Update Manager and the CDN64 card are on the same IP subnet.
  2. Disable all but one of the network interfaces on your computer.
  3. Start Dante Firmware Update Manager.
  4. When you see the interface selection screen, click Next to confirm the primary Dante network.
  5. Select Failsafe Recovery. Firmware Update Manager will browse the network to find safe mode devices.
  6. Select the CDN64 card that you wish to recover, and click Start.
  7. Click OK to start the recovery. Firmware Update Manager will display 'Processing Safe Recovery', and then 'Safe recovery Done' when the device is recovered. The Dante module will reboot automatically.
  8. Once the CDN64 card has rebooted, Save and run the design (F5) to the Core to apply the appropriate firmware update to work with the Core's firmware version.