Troubleshooting | AES67 from Core to Dante BKII devices won't connect

Learn how to resolve a connection issue between an AES67 device and a Dante BKII devices.

Updated at October 5th, 2023

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Table of Contents

Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series Any Dante device using a BKII
Software N/A


When setting up an AES67 transmitter on the Core, the stream shows up in Dante Controller and can be routed to a Dante device but the Dante device does not output any audio.


By default the Core uses a multicast address of 233.254.x.x for its AES67 streams. If the Core does use an IP in that range, that causes problems with devices that use a BKII as they are expecting a stream in the range 239.69.x.x

Solution | Workaround

Alter the first two octets of the “Multicast Address” field to be “239.69”. The 3rd and 4th octet can be left with their original values (see the below example)