Troubleshooting | DCIO-H Shows Up as a DCIO in Configurator

Learn how to identify and resolve issues with DCIO-H showing up as DCIO when using Configurator.

Updated at August 15th, 2023

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Table of Contents

Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series DCIO-H
Software ≥7.0.0


Customer has a DCIO-H that is showing up as a DCIO in configurator. 

A longer description of the problem including any error messages or other symptoms occuring.


This is usually caused by the HDMI daughter card's ribbon cable coming loose in the unit. 

Solution | Workaround

  1. Remove DCIO-H from the rack
  2. Open the chassis of the DCIO-H
  3. Reset the ribbon cable connecting the HDMI card to the main circuit board
  4. Close chassis back up
  5. Connect computer to LAN A
  6. Put computer in the same subnet as the DCIO-H (ex:,
  7. Confirm DCIO-H is now seen as a DCIO-H in Configurator. 

If the solution does not work then an RMA may be neccessary. At which time please Create a Case.