How To | Wiring WCP-1 to the GPIO Input on a Q-SYS device

Learn how to connect a WCP-1 to the GPIO input on a Q-SYS device for efficient operation.

Updated at May 4th, 2023

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The best way to wire the WCP-1 to Q-SYS devices (Core 110f, Core 8 Flex, I/O 8 Flex, or NV-32-H) is to use 3 wires:

  • The CW pin is wired to the +12VDC screw
  • The CCW pin is wired to the GND screw
  • The W pin is wired to the GPIO Input screw

Make sure to set the GPIO Input type as "Potentiometer (10k ohm, 12v)”. See the diagram below.WCP-1 Wiring