How To | Use the Room Combiner

Learn how to combine two rooms into one large space for a more spacious feel.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


The Room Combiner is a very useful tool that allows you to take multiple, separate sound systems and combine them into one larger sound system. 

If you are using the Room Combiner and find that it is not working at all, the most common mistake is forgetting to input the room numbers that are being combined into the 'Rooms' text box.

For each 'Open' button, you must enter which rooms are being combined by that corresponding wall. You can specify room numbers using a variety of separators:

  • Separate individual Room numbers with <space>+, or ,
  • Use - or > to define a range
  • Use * for "all"
  • Use ! or ~ for "not"

For more information about the Room Combiner, see the Q-SYS Help topic and the Quickstart training module.