How To | Get the Attero Tech unDUSB Volume and Mute controls to work

Learn how to set up Attero Tech unDUSB Volume and Mute controls smoothly and easily.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


Devices shipped before release of firmware v4.6.0 will need the USB Codec updated to allow Volume/Mute functions to work properly on the host PC for applications such as Skype.

The following steps cover the update procedure:

  1. Download from the Attero Tech Firmware page > Discontinued Products > unDUSB Firmware & Driver > Download Codec Programming Files section.
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Plug in USB cable directly to the unDUSB to a PC or laptop with the Update tool installed. Be sure the unDUSB is powered up.
  4. Locate and run UpgradeFirmware- Click Browse to select the unDUSB_no_telephony.ptc file included in this package.
  5. Click Upgrade, the process should take about ~15 seconds to complete and indicate upgrade success.
  6. After applying firmware and power cycling the unit, it's a good idea to remove any previous association in the OS for the unDUSB. This can be done by opening the Windows Device Manager, finding the unDUSB device entry, and uninstalling it. Then simply plug/unplug the unDUSB.

With the applied changes, volume and mute control should now work in the software conferencing applications.