How To | Writing a .txt File To a Core Using Lua

Updated at February 2nd, 2023

Writing a .txt file to a Core using Lua can be used for any number of applications involving regular changes to text information within a design without needing to change the overall architecture The following steps describe how to create the reference needed to utilize a .txt file for these purposes.


  1. Open Core Manager and go to the Files Menu.
  2. Add a directory. ("My Files" is used in the example below)
  3. Open Q-SYS Designer, then drag in a a script component.
  4. Insert the code below in the script component, then Save to Core and Run

This will write a file named "Test File.txt" to the Core's media directory in the My Files sub-directory. This will also print the contents of the file to the debug output.

Example Script

file ="media/My Files/Test File.txt", "w")
--Read from a file
file ="media/My Files/Test File.txt", "r")
for c in file:lines() do