How To | Get controls on touch panel or UCI Viewer to work

Learn how to set up and troubleshoot controls on a touch panel or UCI Viewer.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


If controls such as buttons, knobs, or faders, are controllable in the UCI in Q-SYS Designer but not on the touch panel (i.e., nothing happens when the control is touched), then the first step is to figure out if this is software- or hardware-related. Try opening the standalone UCI Viewer app (part of the Q-SYS Designer installation package) and view the UCI there. If the same issue occurs, then it's a software issue. Another test is to create a 'dummy' UCI with a couple controls, push it to the touch panel, and see if the issue persists.

If the issue is software-related, then it's likely related to how the UCI is designed. The most common culprit is the use of a group box on a layer above another layer with controls on it. Often times, group boxes are used as borders on UCIs. However, it is important to understand that when the UCI is deployed to the touch panel or UCI Viewer, this group box is actually a transparent box, not a border. It will "block" any controls that are under it. In this case, the controls are controllable in Q-SYS Designer but not on a touch panel or UCI Viewer.

The solution is to either move the group box to the same layer as the controls, move the group box to a layer beneath the layer with controls on it, or remove the group box completely. 


In this example, the button is not controllable on a touch panel or UCI Viewer because the group box is on a layer above the layer with the button on it. 

In these examples, the button is controllable:


In the above screenshot, even though the group box is "above" the button, the button is still controllable since the group box and button are both on the same layer.