How To | Control volume or gain changes via external control

Learn how to adjust sound levels with an external control device for greater sound control and accuracy.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


Changing volumes and gains via external control is usually done using the csv (Control Set Value) command.  Alternatively, the csp (Control Set Position) command can be used. 


External Control Protocol (ECP) is used herein as the example; however, there are equivalent methods in Q-SYS Remote Control (QRC) as well.


It is possible to do direct volume up or volume down commands using css (Control Set String). The formatting is as follows:

css NameofControl ++  

##(for a default increase of 1 dB)
css NameofControl --  

##(for a default decrease of 1 dB) 
##For other values:

css NameofControl ++x
css NameofControl --x
css NameofControl +=x
css NameofControl -=x

## where x is the value in dB of the desired increase or decrease.