How To | Adjust Gain for a Dynamic Mic when using a standard Q-SYS CIML-4 Mic/Line Input Card

This article provides steps for how to adjust gain on a dynamic mic when using a standard Q-SYS CIML-4 Mic/Line input card.

Updated at November 28th, 2023


  1. Match the input sensitivity on the Analog side by adjusting the "Max RMS Input Level (dBu)" so that meter is as high as possible without clipping. 
  2. If additional gain is required, use the Digital Gain within the Block associated with the Standard Mic/Line card, or add a Gain component to the output section of the Mic/Line Card and wire it up in the design.
  3. Make the additional gain change within Q-SYS Designer when running the design or in Emulation Mode. 
    1. If the Gain knob is meant to be used used in a UCI, only use a Gain component and add the gain control knob to the Named Control tab to expose the Control to a third-party controller.
    2. Or copy it to the Gain knob to a UCI so that it exposed the control to the user.