How To | Change the Network Gateway on legacy Attero Tech AES67 Products

Learn how to adjust the network gateway in any legacy Attero Tech AES67 product.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


In rare cases, an installation may find the need to change the remote Gateway if working across multiple VLANs for purposes such as a network health check.

This can be done using the underlying control API of the Attero Tech unA products.

Using a tool such as PacketSender, send the following UDP command to port 49494 of the unA device. Be sure to target the current IP address of the device.


This is part of setting the static IP address. You will subsequently need to send the command "REBOOT" to the device in order for the changes to be applied.


CMD Syntax

"NETCFG STATIC {param 1} {param 2} {param 3}\r
   Param 1 = IP address
   Param 2 = Netmask
   Param 3 = Gateway


	 IP =
Netmask =
Gateway =