Awareness | Zoom Rooms Tested Third-Party Controllers

Discover what third-party controllers have been tested with the Q-SYS Room Control Application for Zoom Rooms..

Updated at June 11th, 2024


The following Third-Party Zoom Room Controllers have been tested and verified as functioning with the current Q-SYS Room Control Application on Zoom Marketplace at the firmware versions listed below.

Application Version
Q-SYS Designer Software 9.10.1
Zoom Rooms App 5.17.5 or later
Zoom Rooms Controller App 5.17.5 or later


Manufacturer Model Device OS Firmware Version
Apple iPad 16.4.1
Poly TC8/TC10 4.1.3-211457
Neat NF19A1 NFA1.20240 120.0109
Logitech Tap USB 3.2.204
Logitech TAP IP 1.12.184
Generic Android Tablet Android 10


Manufacturer Model Device OS Firmware Version
Apple MacOS 14.2.1
Generic Windows 64bit Windows 10
Poly G7500 4.1.3-394009
Logitech Roommate 1.11.221


Controller performance may vary based on controller type and network configuration.  Other hardware and firmware versions may also operate as expected. The information above is only what has been tested by Q-SYS.