How To | Create a UCI Link for Zoom Rooms Third-Party Controls

Learn how to create a UCI link for Zoom Rooms Third-Party Controls.

Updated at January 23rd, 2024

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Use the following steps to create a UCI Link from core manager:

  1. Use a browser to go to the fully qualified domain name of your Q-SYS Core. 
  2. Navigate to User Control Interfaces > Your Zoom Control UCI and select it. 
  3. Select the Tab at the top of the UCI labeled UCI Links. 

  1. Select the Create Link and provide any link name for identification. 
  2. A Pop window will display with the Link and Token.


    You must copy these down to a safe location as they will not be able to be displayed again. 

  3. The link and token will be entered into Zoom Admin Dashboard for configuration with the Q-SYS and Zoom Integration.