Awareness | Netgear Switch (M4250) firmware & configuration version

Discover the latest supported firmware and configuration versions for your Q-SYS NS Series switch (Netgear M4250).

Updated at May 15th, 2024



The current supported firmware and configuration versions for Q-SYS NS Series Switches (Netgear M4250) are as follows:

Netgear M4250 Firmware Q-SYS Config Version 08

Firmware may be downloaded from the M4250 downloads page, under the View Previous Versions section.


While newer firmware versions may be available through Netgear, the listed firmware version for M4250 has been qualified with Q-SYS configurations, ensuring perfect functionality with QSC settings for audio and video. Other versions may have unexpected behavior.


Verifying installed firmware/configuration version

  1. Click the "AV UI Login" button. Under the configurator, you will see the switch firmware version displayed under the overview section.

  1. The config file version will be listed in the MAC ACL Table with its model name.Select Security > ACL > Basic


For firmware update instructions, see How To | Update Firmware on Netgear M4250 (NS Series Gen 2) Network Switches.

If your switch requires an updated configuration file, please contact Q-SYS Support or Create a Case.