Awareness | Resolving duplicate CDN64 Dante Card names in Dante Controller

Learn how to resolve and prevent duplicate CDN64 Dante Card names in Dante Controller.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


A duplicate CDN64 Dante Audio Bridge card appears in Dante Controller with a (2) appended to the name. The result is that audio cannot transmit, and the IP setting may not be able to be changed.

From Audinate's Help information:


A device that has been renamed with (2) appended (e.g. “MY16-slot1 (2)”) will not be able to transmit audio until it is renamed. The device name must be changed by the user to be a valid non-conflicting name before the device can become fully functional. A device that has failed with a name conflict will retry its configured name if it is rebooted. If the other device has been removed or renamed, the previously failed device will resume normal operation.