How To | Using a third-party control system to dial from Q-SYS

Learn how to adjust settings and configure components to enable dialing from a Q-SYS system using a third-party control system.

Updated at May 2nd, 2023


There are two ways to dial with a Q-SYS system:

Method 1

Use the Trigger-based PinPad keys/buttons to enter the number into a concatenated string that forms the DialString.


Method 2

Create a DialString in the third-party system and send that to Q-SYS. In this use case, the third-party control system would concatenate the number to be sent.


After either of these, the Connect button can be used to dial the number that was entered. As a result of these two methods, there are a couple items to consider:

  • If Method 1 is used, going Off-Hook will only result in hearing a DialTone.  At that point, the number may be dialed.
  • If Method  2 is used, using the PinPad buttons will still be required for any in-call Conference Codes or similar.  It will likely be necessary to track the Off Hook state in order to switch between DialString usage and PinPad usage.