How To | Find IP address conflicts on the IRC-28C

Learn how to detect and resolve IP address conflicts on the IRC-28C.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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We've seen several issues with IP address conflicts on the theater network. This can cause intermittent or total non-operation of the IRC-28C. 

Detect Conflicts

Connect a computer and the IRC-28C to the network and ping the IP address of the IRC-28C. Do you get a response?





Great! The network is working. Now, disconnect the IRC-28C and ping the address again. Did you get a response?





This is indicative of another device on the network using the same IP address. Ensure all devices are assigned only one IP address each.


You have resolved the network conflict as no other devices on the network are using the same IP address. 


There may be an issue with your network. Resolve that and try again.