Troubleshooting | Serial Commands Will Not Send Via Global Cache Plugins

Learn how to troubleshoot when commands will not send through Global Cache plugins.

Updated at May 17th, 2023


This issue has been resolved in Q-SYS version 9.4.2. For previous version installations, see below.


Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series N/A
Software QDS 9.4.1 and earlier


Serial commands will not send when using Global Cache plugins.


With the addition of the serial port to the Global Cache plugins, the expectation is that serial commands can be sent through that method, much like can be done with the Serial Port of the Core (and applicable Q-SYS Peripherals).

However, due to the way that the Command Buttons component works, it cannot be used in the same way.  Serial usage from the Command Buttons component will not work with the Global Cache plugin in-design connections. The same applies to the Virtual Serial Port. These items are designed to be used with scripting components only (e.g., Text Controller, Block Controller, plugins).

Solution | Workaround

This solution is appropriate for Q-SYS 9.4.1 and earlier.

  1. Use the plugin for device setup only, then change the Command Buttons component to TCP
  2. Target the IP of the Global Cache device, and use Port 4999 (or other applicable port related to direct serial command access)