FAQ | What are the software-based Dante flow and license limits for Q-SYS Core processors?

Updated at February 1st, 2023


Like hardware-based Dante solutions, Q-SYS software-based Dante has flow limitations for connecting to various devices. When transmitting from multiple devices for the Core to receive, each transmitting device uses at least one Dante flow.

Refer to the Software Dante Resources by Core tables in the Q-SYS Help to view the maximum flows supported by your Core model.


Software Dante components can be added in any channel count variation to acquire the total license availability. For example, you might use four 8-channel components with a 32x32 license rather than a single 32-channel component. (In Q-SYS Designer Software version 9.0 and later, you can have multiple Software Dante TX and RX components in your design.)