FAQ | Are there any Hotkeys or shortcut keys in Q-SYS Designer?

Find out how to quickly and easily navigate through Q-SYS Designer using keyboard shortcuts.

Updated at May 16th, 2024


Yes, shortcuts are available in Q-SYS Designer. Shortcuts can be found within Q-SYS Designer, and are also listed below.

From QDS:

  1. Press F1 or go to the Help menu and select help.
  2. Select the search using the term “shortcuts”.

Q-SYS Designer Shortcuts:


Align Left Ctrl + L
Align Top Ctrl + T
Align Bottom Ctrl + B
Align Right Ctrl +R
Pack Left Ctrl + Shift + L
Pack Top Ctrl + Shift + T
Pack Bottom Ctrl + Shift + B
Pack Right Ctrl + Shift + R
Group Ctrl + G
Ungroup Ctrl + Shift + G
Bring to Front Ctrl + ]
Send Back Ctrl + [
Select multiple objects at once Ctrl + click (or Shift + click)
Deselect objects one at a time when multiple objects are selected Ctrl + click
Constrain movement to one axis Hold Shift while moving an object
Make a copy Hold Alt, grab and drag an object
Disable the snap-guides Hold Ctrl while moving an object
Create a Signal Link Press Space while dragging wires from a component
Create a label for a component Start typing while a single component is selected
Orthogonal routing Click and drag on a wire to create a break-point
Select objects without encompassing the entire object Drag a box from right to left to intersect the objects
Select only the objects you completely encompass Drag a box from left to right to encompass entire objects
Select only connector pins on the left side of an object Hold Alt and drag a box from left to right to intersect the objects
Select only connector pins on the right side of an object Hold Alt and drag a box from right to left to intersect the objects
Connect multiple wires at one time Select the pins you want to connect. Grab one of the selected pins and drag to connecting component. You can select different types of pins, for example audio and control, but the other component(s) must have the equivalent pins to connect to.
Create multiple output Signal Names Select the output pins you want to connect with Signal Names. Type a name, for example "pin", then press Enter. The pins you selected are numbered "pin 1" to "pin x".
Connect multiple output Signal Names to inputs After creating multiple output Signal Names, select the output Signal Names, press Ctrl + C then select an equal number of input pins and press Ctrl + V.


Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete Del
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Select All Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Find Ctrl + F

Individual Controls

Copy settings of a control or controls

Select the controls to copy, press Ctrl + C.

Select the controls to copy to, press Ctrl + V

If the control is a button, press and hold Ctrl, then select the button.

Set multiple controls at the same time Select the controls you want to set. They must be the same type of control. Then set one of the selected controls - the others follow.

Copy and paste control settings

(Run and Emulate Mode only)

Select the component, right click , choose the active copy icon. Select the target component, right click, choose the active paste icon. All control settings are copied to the target component.


Must copy to the same type of component as the source component. Not all settings copy over. For example, if you copy from an Audio Player while a file is playing, the time fields do not copy to the target component. After copying the settings, you cannot undo the paste - Ctrl-Z does not work.



Copy and paste a control to another schematic page or UCI page in the same position

To copy a control from a schematic page or UCI and then paste it to another page while retaining the control's position coordinates:

  1. Select the control and press Ctrl + C.
  2. In another page (schematic or UCI), press Ctrl + V to begin pasting.
  3. Hold down Shift to move the target location to the same coodinate as the original control, and then left-click to paste while continuing to hold Shift.

Q-SYS Designs

New Design Ctrl + N
Open a Design Ctrl + O
Save the current design Ctrl + S
Check Design Shift + F6
Help F1
Find Next (when searching in Script Editor) F3
Save to Core & Run F5
Emulate F6
Disconnect from the Core F7