FAQ | What is the CX-Q and DPA-Q maximum ambient temperature?

Learn what the maximum ambient temperature is for the CX-Q and DPA-Q modules.

Updated at May 23rd, 2023


Below is the spec found in the amplifier documentation for the CX-Q series. The CX-Q and the newer DPA 4k and DPA 8k are based on similar architecture and therefore the cooling specifications are the same.

Cooling Type

Forced air cooling, thermally regulated fan speed, side/rear-to-front airflow.


Operating Temperature Range

Maximum: -10° - 50° C,
Recommended: 0° - 35° C
Performance may be reduced above 40° C



These specs are based on large amps like the 4k8 and the 8k8. There is more headroom in the smaller amps.