Awareness | Understanding USB Drivers

Gain an understanding of USB Driver types and their uses.

Updated at November 17th, 2023


Plug-and-Play Drivers

Plug-and-Play driver technology allows a device to be connected to a host device and begin operating almost immediately with no additional setup.


This is the recommended device driver type for use with Q-SYS devices.


Using Non-Standard Drivers

  • Specialized drivers, which are not supplied just by the plug-and-play, need to be distributed and supplied separately, via the internet, removable disk, or otherwise.
  • The driver may have a specific USB configuration. For example, a driver for non-stock multi-channel USB audio is expecting a device that is configured and presenting multichannel USB audio.


    When it comes to specialized drivers, do not expect a one-size-fits-all to be guaranteed without testing to check compatibility first.