Awareness | Understanding how many Dante flows are needed

Learn how to calculate the optimal number of Dante Flows necessary for specific use cases.

Updated at February 21st, 2024


Each device is 1 flow. The first 4 channels of that device are also part of that single flow. The next 4 channels (5-8) add a second flow . 

As an example an 8x8 channel Software Dante license allows for 4 flows in each direction. If you have 4 Dante Devices each transmitting 1 channel this will work as expected, but if you add a 5th device you will not be able to receive any audio as you are out of flows. To add the 5th device you will need to increase your Dante license. 

That same 8x8 Dante license can do a single 8 channel Dante device, or 2x4 channel Dante devices. or 4x2 channel devices.