How To | Use Q-SYS PTZ cameras with third-party control systems

Learn the necessary steps to integrate Q-SYS PTZ cameras with third-party control systems for an efficient use of PTZ technology.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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The Pan, Tilt, and Zoom controls are Boolean, ON/OFF, 1 or 0. Thus, a discrete ON and discrete OFF are required for directional controls.

Many third-party control systems programmers attempt to send a Trigger control, which sets a Boolean control to the ON state. In that state, the direction of the camera goes to its limit. Instead, what is required is a discrete "ON" (e.g., TRUE, csv button_name 1) when a direction button is pressed and an "OFF" (e.g., FALSE, csv button_name 0) when it is released. Most control systems have a method of providing a NOT status, which can be used to provide this extra command state to stop the camera's movement in a given direction.

Some third-party control systems have module sets with a specific Button module that can be used. In such cases, there is a discrete "pin" for ON status and one for OFF status. Those can be used along with the aforementioned NOT logic.

For more information, refer to the Q-SYS Help External Control Protocol and ECP Commands topics.