How To | Use the Attero Tech Axon C1 with the Room Combiner component

Learn how to connect and integrate the Attero Tech Axon C1 with Room Combiner component.

Updated at October 5th, 2023


The Axon C1 extension in Q-SYS Designer 8.4 and later uses the Room Combiner component in a Q-SYS design for doing volume and mute control of a room and BGM channels for source select. It is also possible to use a single Axon C1 for multi-room control by utilizing the snapshot functionality.


This feature is available in Attero Tech firmware version 1.2.0 and later.


Volume/Mute Control

  1. Use unIFY to configure the C1. Make sure you select "QSC mode" and use the "Volume" screen.
  2. If you also select "Menus", configure any additional menus required.
  3. In Q-SYS Designer, add the Room Combiner component to the design and configure the required number of rooms.
  4. Click on the Room Combiner component block and type a unique, custom name. If done correctly, the text on the block will show in italics.
  5. From the Inventory menu, add the Axon C1 extension to the design.
  6. Change the Plugin Mode property to "Room Combiner".
  7. Configure the connection setup, and then us the Sync button to pull the C1 configuration into the extension.
  8. Use the Room Combiner drop-down menu to select the Room Combiner you just named.
  9. Select the room number for the C1 to control.

Source Select Control

Use the same configuration steps for Volume/Mute Control except that for step 1, select "Menu" mode and add the required source select events. Additionally:

  1. In the Room Combiner properties, specify the number of BGM inputs. Set as many as there are sources. Each source's audio will then require wiring to the BGM inputs on the Room Combiner.
  2. In the Axon C1 extension > Source Select, configure the "Input #" fields for each selection.

Multi-room Control

This can be accomplished using the Room Combiner component and snapshots. See:

For more information about configuring the Axon C1 extension, refer to the Q-SYS Help topic.