How To | Change the MP Manage Custom Logo

Learn how to easily change the custom logo for your MP Manage account.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


A user-supplied logo can be loaded onto the MP-M Series mixer for display in the MP Manage App.  The new logo will be displayed on all controlling client devices.  This will replace the default “QSC” logo.

MP Manage Requirements:

  • Android: 1.2.11894
  • iOS: 1.2.6

MP-M Firmware Requirements: 

  • MP-M40 and MP-M80 Firmware: 1.2.11857

Logo File Specifications: 

  • File Size: 1.3MB or less
  • Name: logo.png


The MP Manage App will scale the custom logo relative to screen size as each controller device has different screen resolutions.


Instructions to Add a custom logo


Drive must be formatted for FAT32.

  1.       Place the “logo.png” file onto the root of a USB thumb drive. 
  2.       Insert the drive into the front USB port of the MP-M Series mixer.
  3.       Connect to the MP-M Series mixer with the MP Manage App.    
  4.       Once the logo has been verified, the thumb drive can be removed.
  5.       Archive the “logo.png” file.  The file cannot be extracted from the mixer.


To change or replace a custom logo after a logo has been applied, simply follow the same steps listed above.  The previous logo.png file on the mixer will be overwritten.