How To | Using the config file from a DPM100 on a DPM300

Learn how to use the configuration file from a DPM100 on a DPM300.

Updated at May 5th, 2023


You can use the configuration from a DPM100/H on a DPM300/H, regardless of whether you are going from an 'H' model to a non-'H' model.


You cannot use the config file from a DPM300 on a DPM100.


If you try to load the file directly, you will see an error. Use this workaround procedure:

  1. With the DPM300 disconnected, create a new device in the venue with the same serial number, but select the model as DPM100. (If it's already in the venue, delete it and then create new).
  2. Load the config file to this device (Device view).
  3. Go back to the Venue tab, double-click on device, and then change the model to DPM300.
  4. Shut down DPM Manager and restart. That DPM will now show up on the Device view as a DPM300 (with extra DataPorts, etc.).
  5. Connect to the device and write the config to sync.