How To | Add ISA Series amplifiers to a Q-SYS Core Processor with DataPort output cards

Learn how to configure ISA Series Amplifiers in a Q-SYS Core Processor system to route audio through DataPort output cards.

Updated at March 18th, 2024


Each ISA Series power amplifier is equipped with a v2 DataPort connector, which offers limited functionality including analog signal connectivity (balanced inputs and scaled-down monitor samples of outputs), but no telemetry as in the DCA Series power amplifiers. The DCA Series amplifiers cannot be added to a Q-SYS design as an inventory item.

To use a DCA Series amplifier in a Q-SYS design, add a placeholder so the core processor will not trigger an error because of the lack of telemetry. The DDI-11 accessory fits this role. It is located in the peripherals pane within Q-SYS Designer Software. Below is an example of how to implement the DDI-11 with a DCA Series amp in a Q-SYS design.