How To | Add CDN64 Dante cards to an actively running redundant system

Learn how to properly add Dante cards to an active redundant system for CDN64 functionality.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


  1. Take the inactive Core offline and physically add the CDN64 Dante card to it.
  2. Bring the Core with the new card back online so it can take over the system.
  3. Take the formerly active Core down and add the CDN64 Dante card.
  4. Re-apply power to the former primary Core.
  5. Push in the modified design to the redundant set of Cores.
  6. Use Dante Controller to name and address the new card in the primary core.
  7. Using the Status block of the system, make the other Core active. See the Status (Core) topic in Q-SYS Help for details.
  8. After the firmware has been applied by the Core to the CDN64 Dante card, use Dante Controller to apply the correct IP settings and change the name to match the other CDN64 Dante card.