How To | Use GPIO Contact Closure to Trigger a Virtual Page Station Zone Selection and Talk Button in Q-SYS

Learn how to use GPIO contact closure to trigger a virtual page station zone selection and talk button in Q-SYS, allowing for control and customization of audio systems.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


It is possible to use a GPIO Contact Closure to trigger a specific Paging Zone as well as the "Talk" button so that the User can send a page with a single button press. 

  1. The design would need to be setup so that a GPIO Contact Closure Input Pin would be split to feed two separate control pins. 
  2. The first lead would go directly to the Zone to be triggered within a Virtual Page Station. 
  3. The second half would be wired to a "Control Delay" Block and then to the "Talk" Button on a Virtual Page Station. 
  4. This is done so that when the state of the Contact Closure is set to "True" that the Zone will be selected first and after a predefined amount of time set inside the Delay Block, the Talk Button would then be engaged.