How To | Understand the meaning of Bluetooth® for Pro-AV

Gain an understanding of the importance of Bluetooth in Pro-AV, and how it can help create efficient, successful experiences.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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Bluetooth® audio connectivity in commercial, retail, house of worship, residential and other professionally designed and installed sound systems is an increasing demand from end users.  Bluetooth’s proliferation and end user  acceptance has made it the defacto consumer audio wireless connectivity solution.  Until now, however, it has failed to make significant in-roads in the commercial and residential installed AV markets.  

With Attero Tech’s Bluetooth® for Pro-AV products, consultants, system integrators and custom integrators can give their clients the modern wireless audio connectivity they want using  products specifically designed for the needs of professional installations.

Friendly Name Customization

Customizable Bluetooth friendly names eliminate confusion when multiple Bluetooth interfaces are in close proximity, like sky boxes, fitness studios or multi-room scenarios in residence and MDU applications. 


Flexible Pairing Modes

  • Manual Connect Mode - requires a user to press the pair button every time they pair—even if they’ve paired with the device before.  
  • Re-connect mode -  allows automatic re-pairing to a previously paired device.  
  • Exclusive Connect mode -  restricts automatic re-pairing to a single specified device.  Access control just right for home or business.

Configurable Audio Modes

Media Streaming (A2DP Profile) - High quality audio is streamed from the Bluetooth connected source to the installed audio receiver from any media content on the device.  If only media streaming is enabled, sensitive audio content such as phone calls are not sent to the Attero Tech Bluetooth receiver.

Call Bridging*  (HFP Profile) - Voice quality audio is streamed to and from the Bluetooth connected source to the Attero Tech Bluetooth® audio interface.  This functionality allows products such as the unD6IO-BT Dante enabled Bluetooth interface to be used as a conferencing bridge to interface remote callers communicating through a phone, tablet or laptop - to be added seamlessly into a Dante equipped conferencing system.


Currently implemented on unD6IO-BT only


Control System Ready

3rd Party Control - Real time remote control and status monitoring via RS-232 or over the network allows integrators to use industry standard control systems to precisely tailor the user’s experience. Attero Tech's 3rd party control API is freely available to integrators and control systems programmers and is available for download through the Attero Tech Website.

AV Remote Control Protocol (AVRCP)  - The unD6IO-BT allows AVRCP commands (like play, pause, volume up and down, etc.) to be sent via the Dante network to a Bluetooth connected device.  In addition, a control system can  retrieve over the network the connected Bluetooth device name and currently playing song, artist, and album information.  Perfect for residential control integration.


Installation Friendly

Install grade audio I/O - Balanced analog audio output (unBT2A) or Dante/AES67 networked audio outputs (unD6IO-BT) allow easy integration with commercial grade audio gear.

Standard Decora form factor – Allows in-wall installation that uses standard US wall boxes (with or without mud rings) or old work brackets.


Product Portfolio

Bluetooth Device Name Description
unBT2A Bluetooth® Audio Wall Plate - Single Gang Receiver
unD6IO-BT Dante Networked Audio Wall Plate with AES67 support - 4x2 Multi I/O with Bluetooth® Audio