How To | Route the number of flows allowed by Software Dante license

Learn techniques for ensuring that the number of flows allowed by a Software Dante license are routed effectively.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


If you have a 16-ch or 32-ch Software Dante license, make sure to set the properties of the Software Dante block to match, even if you are only bringing in 8 channels of Dante.



For each Software Dante license (8-ch, 16-ch, or 32-ch), you are limited to a number of flows:

  • For the 8-ch license, you are limited to 4 flows.
  • For the 16-ch and 32-ch licenses, you are limited to 8 flows.

This is highlighted in the Q-SYS Help.

However, you may run into an instance where you have a Software Dante license that allows for 8 flows (16-ch or 32-ch license) but you are only able to route 4 flows from Dante Controller. 

This happens when you use an 8-ch Software Dante block in Q-SYS to bring in 8 channels of Dante but are you are trying to send more than 4 flows. Using the 8-ch block "tricks" Dante Controller into thinking you are only allowed 4 flows, when in actuality you are allowed 8.