How To | Use a PC Bluetooth dongle with a unD6IO-BT based on settings in unIFY

Learn how to set up a PC Bluetooth dongle for use with a unD6IO-BT, including how to configure settings in unIFY.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


Based on the Audio Bridging setting, the unD6IO-BT will appear differently in Windows sound settings when paired. 

Bluetooth Audio Bridging Mode Windows Sound - Playback Windows Sound - Recording
Media Bridging (only) Speakers n/a
Call Bridging (only) Headset Headset
Media & Call Bridging Headset Earphone, Speakers Microphone
  1. Based on your connection/bridge settings, make sure the preferred device is set as the default for Windows to allow audio to pass properly. 
  2. For Media & Call Bridging, choose the Speakers option as default.
  3. If switching Audio Bridging Mode, it is necessary to forget and re-pair the unD6IO-BT for proper operation.
  4. When setting the default sound device to Bluetooth after pairing, any audio output applications should first be closed and relaunched after the change is set. If an application is still open, it will not output sound until it is relaunched.


Tests were performed using Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapters.