How To | Integrate Q-SYS, Attero Tech, and Audinate (Dante) in a system

Learn how to combine Q-SYS, Attero Tech, and Audinate (Dante) to create a comprehensive audio system.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


Like Q-SYS Designer Software, Attero Tech UNIFY software now offers QoS presets. This allows Attero Tech products to handle PTPv2 timing packets and AES67 audio packets seamlessly with Q-SYS.

  • In Q-SYS Designer Software, set QoS preset to Audinate.
  • In UNIFY, set the Attero Tech devices’ QoS preset to Audinate.
  • Enable AES67 on Audinate equipment.


Set up these QoS queues as Audinate recommends:

  • DSCP 56 (PTPv1/PTPv2) — First priority queue
  • DSCP 46 (Audio) — Second priority queue
  • DSCP 26 (QSC Video) — Third priority queue
  • DSCP 8 (Dante Low) — Fourth priority queue
  • All others - Queue 0