How To | Fix Intermittent Atmos audio loss in a commissioned auditorium

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix intermittent Atmos audio loss in a commissioned auditorium.

Updated at June 8th, 2023


If it is a new system, please revisit the Atmos install guide and general network requirements for Q-SYS.

An Atmos link can be severed for many reasons. One key point to understand is that one device in a failed state can induce another one to become unresponsive or go in an irrecoverable state as well. Just because one component is having an issue does not mean that the system is at fault.  Similarly, if an AC power breaker trips constantly, it does not mean the breaker is at fault!

Check the following:

1. Is the CP850 diagnosed ok per Dolby diagnostics?
2. Is the CP850 playing AES67 content?
3. Is there any fault status in the Core front panel or in the Core status or event log?
4. Is the Core clocking to itself (grandmaster / GM) or to the CP850?
5. Does the GM mac address show a correct Dolby address?
6. Has something new been added to the Q-LAN network switch?
7. Has anyone updated the system prior this fault occurring?
8. Power cycle the complete system (Core, CP, and network).

For information on how to set up and troubleshoot Atmos systems with a Q-SYS Core, see the Q-SYS for Cinema Troubleshooting Guide in the Q-SYS Help.