How To | Filter Q-SYS traffic in a network switch

Learn how to effectively segment Q-SYS traffic in your network switch for optimised performance.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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Table of Contents


  1. Create the ACL 
    1. On a Cisco switch, the command would be: access-list 100 permit tcp host host eq 1702
  2. Apply the ACL to SVI. 
    1. The Cisco commands would be: 
interfaceVLAN 1		
ip access-group 100 in

The solution is to configure a network switch with an access control list (ACL) so that only the Q-SYS control traffic from LAN A can reach the AV CONTROL network.

  • Control traffic will use TCP port 1702
  • The IP address and submask for Q-SYS LAN A will be gateway
  • Q-SYS LAN A will be located on VLAN 1(, and the AV Control network on VLAN 2 (
  • The switch will be a layer 3 switch that routes between VLAN 1 and VLAN 2.
  • The ACL will be applied to SVI 1 (VLAN 1)