How To | Interpret the SNMP values from a Q-SYS Core

Learn how to interpret Simple Network Management Protocol values from a Q-SYS Core system.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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The Core can report six SNMP values for its peripherals:

0              Ok
1              Compromised
2              Fault
3              Not Present
4              Missing
5              Initializing

It can also show six information OIDs for each:

Here is an example of how this looks in a MIB browser with table view:

For more information about SNMP, see these topics in Q-SYS Help:

  • Q-SYS Core Manager : In Q-SYS 8.3.3 and earlier, configure SNMP in Network Services. In version 8.4 and later, configure SNMP in Network > SNMP.
  • SNMP Query : Use this component in Q-SYS Designer to monitor up to 16 OIDs obtained from an SNMP-enabled device's MIB file.
  • Q-SYS Extensions to Lua : Use the SNMP and SNMPTrap libraries to monitor OIDs and receive trap notifications.