How To | Determine which devices require a Peripheral license for Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

Learn how to identify which devices need a Peripheral license in order to operate with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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With a few minor exceptions, every Q-SYS hardware peripheral device in your Q-SYS Design File is automatically monitored by Enterprise Manager and will require a Peripheral license for Enterprise Manager.

Require Peripheral licenses

  • Q-LAN connected I/O endpoints (Q-SYS networked amplifiers, NV-32-H, PTZ 12x72, I/O-Frame, etc.).
  • 3rd Party devices being monitored by Enterprise Manager

Do not require Peripheral licenses

  • Loudspeakers
  • Non-networked amplifiers
  • DDI-11

In Q-SYS Designer Software v8.1 and higher, the Inventory Grouping tool includes a “Group by Enterprise Manager” option that shows every device in your design that requires a Peripheral license.

You can optionally choose to monitor any 3rd party peripherals in Enterprise Manager by using either ‘Q-SYS Reflect Enabled Plugins’ or the ‘Monitoring Proxy’ Control component found in Q-SYS Designer v8.2 or higher. If you choose to monitor 3rd party peripherals with Enterprise Manager then each of those devices will require a Peripheral license.