How To | Determine In-room Bluetooth audio amplification after Q-SYS Core requires an AEC reference mix tweak

Learn how to determine in-room Bluetooth audio amplification with a Q-SYS Core and adjust the AEC reference mix.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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You have an analog output of a Q-SYS Core wired to a Bluetooth transmitter that is sending audio, via Bluetooth, to an in-room self powered speaker for in-room amplification. This room is being used for conferencing and there is active AEC processing being done in the design.

The AEC reference mix is *incomplete* and you will never get rid of the echo unless/until you:

  • Take a parallel output of your last audio pin output path before the audio hits Mic/Line out from the Q-SYS Core and then:
  • Wire it to a Delay block.
  • Send the output of the Delay block to your AEC reference mix *in addition* to the already standing AEC reference material(s).
  • Push this change to the Core and fine-tune audio delay until any residual echo is eliminated
  • The reason this occurs is due to the inherent (and variable) latency of Bluetooth TX/RX.. This must be compensated for in your AEC reference/mix/processing.